The Snow Man by Wallace Steven


‘The Snow Man’ an example of  figuring out oneself with the truth in order to understand it and revel in it.”

About the Poem

In this poem, the writer illustrates nature is identified with a vastly increasing life. And the self is recognized with reality. According to the poet, the truth is something that we make of it, how we see the nature, what we deliver to us, and how the matters are real to us, is totally up to us. Everyone’s imaginations on earth are different. Perception is now not continually reality. He focuses on how we become aware of the natural world. All the things to do but matters like ice, sun, wind, sounds, etc.  They are the natural phenomena and we all are amidst this.

The poet asserts that when honestly making an attempt to recognize nature. We must be concerned there are and then our appreciation will get stronger. According to him, an strive to personify or anthropomorphize nature is to impose human structure in nature. He says that the solar does now not work at all and we need to not suppose that the wind will bring misery (lines 7, 8, 9). We need to worry in nature to recognize it. So, the writer advocates out oneself with reality.


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