The Darkangel by Meredith Ann Pierce


The Darkangel by Meredith Ann Pierce


 A mysterious vampire kidnapped Adoin. Ariel was blaming for injustice. It takes him to travel after the vampire as he hopes to take him to his mistress. In doing so, he falls directly into the enemy’s trap and becomes Adoin’s servant, though he has no idea where he is, and there is no way to find his answer. He soon discovers that Adoine is the vampire’s bride, and is hated by the previous brides who have remained since. Yet in their madness, they tell Ariel who she really is and why she is there.

The vampire has many names 

The vampire has many names to understood; As the Dark Angel and Icarus, he has huge black wings, much like a raven. He is accused of being a dangerous but handsome young man who has some kind of cruelty, who has been wronged at some point in his life and wishes to pat his back on someone who tortures him.

The vampire taunts and teases Ariel

The vampire taunts and teases Ariel, although she falls in love with him after a short period of time as she needs to please her plush, she protests that she wants to please no one else but herself. He is selfish yet lonely because he has none. He does not even ask about the letters that freshen up his company. However, the vampire is actually an evil entity. He quickly decides that he has found to destroy her as he has ruined his mistress’s life.

The Dark Angel is like a fairy tale

As an excellent adult novel, The Dark Angel is like a fairy tale. There is always something in it, whether it is to stand up for the Ariel vampire or to feed him bread and gain his ultimate confidence. Her friendship with the vampire is that without her the key to the entire plot she would not be ready to solve all the puzzles and help save her life.

The vampire has an agenda of his desired Ariel with his own Arie. But does not reveal his true feelings until after that. As a fantasy novel, in the midst of a trilogy. It’s an entertaining read. But the only part of the entire plot is Ariel’s open operation scene. He performs on one of the characters. It can be completely impossible to get rid of her heart and replace it with another during one medieval setting.



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