“Kabuliwallah” by Rabindranath Tagore


About the Author 

Rabindra Nath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore was born on May 7, 1861, in India. Tagore had begun writing poetry when he was eight and publishing under a pseudonym eight years after that, and in 1901, he founded an experimental school at Santiniketan in 1901. In 1913, he got the Nobel Prize in Literature. He started traveling all over the world to convey speeches and get together with some of the most notable scientists, politicians, and artists. He recognized Visva-Bharati University, which continues to be one of the most popular universities in India In 1921. Tagore traveled all over the world, visiting at least 30 countries on five continents, but in the four years before his death, he experienced chronic pain and returned to his family home at Jorasanko. He died on August 7, 1941.


“Kabuliwallah” is from Kabul. Actually his name is Abdur Rahman. He becomes a salesman in India. Once a year he visits Kabul to his spouse and little daughter. For selling goods, as soon as he arrives at the residence of, Tagore (An Indian well-known creator). Then, little daughter, Mini calls him ‘Kabuliwallah’. Kabuliwallah attempts seeing Mini she is afraid because he is wearing movable strong clothes and a tall turban. He looks as if a gigantic. When the author is aware of that Mini is afraid, he introduces her to him. The Kabuliwallah gives her some nuts and raisins.

Mini become happy from the subsequent day, the Kabuliwallah frequently visits her and he gives her something to eat. They crack jokes and laugh, enjoy. They also experience happiness in friendship with each other. The writer likes their friendship. But Mini’s mom doesn’t like their closeness. She thinks that the seller like Kabuliwallah maybe a toddler lifter. However, Mini and the Kabuliwallah will become a near friend.

The Kabuliwallah sells seasonal goods. Once he sells a Rampuri shawl to a purchaser on credit. He asks him for the money many times but he does no longer pay. At last, he rejects buying the scarf. The Kabuliwallah becomes very irritated and stabs the buyer. Then he’s arrested via police and taken him to prison. He is jailed for eight years.

When he is freed from jail at first he is going to go to Mini unexpectedly. It is the marriage day and he isn’t allowed to visit her. When he shows the finger of a bit of paper to the author, he lets in to meet Mini who is within the wedding dress. The creator knows that the Kabuliwallah has no cash to head lower back to his residence so the author cuts of the marriage charges like a light and bands and offers a hundred rupees to the Kabuliwallah and sends him to Kabul.

What is the writer trying to say?

The writer is trying to demonstrate the manner of peoples in the direction of the stranger and poor peddler. Kabuliwallah is honest and simple but the writer’s wife guesses him as a child hoist. A client attempts to deceive him because of not paying his money. This story clearly depicts the difficulty of people because of poverty. If the Kabuliwallah had sufficient currency, he would not come to this country without his family in Kabul. The writer appears to demonstrate that anger ruins any person. If Kabuliwallah didn’t stab the customer, he wouldn’t have gone to prison. This short story is about the feelings of poor people and humanity in our society. The author cuts off the wedding fixed cost and helps the Kabuliwallah to send him Kabul.


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